How to use this Retreat

How to pray with our Advent Retreat:

Take some time each week of Advent

We invite you to make this Advent Retreat by taking some time in prayer each week. Perhaps you can set aside some time each week for your retreat, maybe every Sunday morning or some other quiet time that suits you, to make your Retreat. Before you get started read the introduction which explains the praticalities of the retreat and introduces this year's theme.

New content each week

A new session of the retreat will be published each week on the Advent Retreat homepage during the Advent season.  Each session includes a number of stages to be used slowly and prayerfully, progressing at a pace that suits you.  Additional weeks of the retreat will be available as Advent progresses.

A 'Next Session' link will be displayed in the last stage of each session when the next stage has been published. Take your time with each session allowing the content to go deeper.

Each session has a number of stages offering you

A title
Navigation for you to go back or forward or to return to the homepage
A progress indicator to show you where you are in the current session
Navigation for you to progress to the next session when available

About the Author:

Our Advent Retreat ‘Stepping Beyond’ has been adapted from the blog post writings of Fr Paul Pace SJ entitled Jesuit Reflections.  The intention of this blog is to offer simple and brief spiritual reflections on a range of topics in the hope of offering some further insights and understanding. Paul  is Jesuit from Malta, who is currently director of the European tertianship in Dublin, the last phase of Jesuit formation.  You can follow his blog at