• Let your light shine | Preparation Prayer

    In order to be really present to today’s prayer session, let’s take a little time to prepare ourselves. This will involve quietening ourselves literally and figuratively. Firstly, find a good place to pray. If you are confined to your room, there’s not much choice. But remember, prayer is about real connection and not just perceived perfection. So find yourself in the best place you can.

    Secondly, get in touch with what needs to be quietened in you today. You could think about three sites- your head, your heart and your body.
    Notice what is going on inside your head. What are you thinking today and how does it differ from yesterday? Don’t get caught up in any thought in particular. Just notice how your thoughts are.

    Notice what is going on inside your heart. What are you feeling today and how is that unique to this day? Again, don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in any feeling. Simply notice your feelings.

    Notice what is going on in your body. How does your body feel today in comparison to yesterday? Notice the sensations you have- comfort, discomfort, pain, tiredness, restfulness.

    Begin, now, to notice your breath. Perhaps breathing is difficult today. If so, go gentle and breathe as well as you can. As you do, acknowledge that each breath, however laboured, is a sign of the gift of life within you. Give thanks to God for this gift.

    As you sit, breathing and giving thanks to God, allow your body to become heavy where you sit or lie. Allow a sense of quietness to come over you. This may take a few minutes. Stick with it until you feel ready to proceed with our prayer session for today.

  • Prayer theme: Let your light shine

    What is our ‘light’? It could refer to our talents and abilities. It could refer to our ability to love, show mercy and forgive. What else? Perhaps you could spend a few minutes alone or with a trusted other, considering the ways that you bring your individual form of light to the world.

    Light is always contrasted with darkness, the absence of light. There are many forms of darkness in our world today including depression, loneliness and despair. These extinguish the light in us, but they are not the whole truth. We are creatures of the light and created out of God’s love. Consider the ways that the darkness may get in on you, or even convince you that’s all there is to life. What do you need to do to live more in the light?

    Here are a few suggestions for letting your light shine today:
    • Sing a song for someone.
    • Contact a friend who is lonely (phone, letter, video).
    • Give some money/coffee/food to a homeless brother or sister.
    • Smile at strangers and bid them good day.
    • Forgive a wrong.
    • Ask for forgiveness from someone who has wronged you.
    • Make your partner a cup of tea and tell them you love them.
    • Pray for peace in the world.
    • Go out of your way to do a favour for someone who needs it.
    • Go shine!

  • Scripture

    2 Corinthians 4:5-18 (NIV)
    Our treasure is in earthen vessels to show the power of God ... we are afflicted but not crushed ... in our bodies we carry the dying of Christ ... our inner being is renewed each day.

    Philipians 3:7-11 (NIV)
    I wish to know Christ and the power flowing from his resurrection; likewise to know how to share in his sufferings by being formed into the pattern of his death

    2 Corinthians 1:3-7 (NIV)
    God comforts us in all our sorrows so that we can offer to others the consolation that we ourselves have received.

  • Reflection Questions

    1. How is the light within me, what do I have to do to allow it to grow?
    2. How could I radiate more light where I live? What is the darkness I need to resist?
    3. What would life be like if I believed that my inner light was transforming?

  • Closing Prayer

    Lord Father God, thank you for this time of prayer that I have undertaken, united with all others who are praying this day.

    I am also united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, burning with love for all creation. In this unity I sit, one of many and one of your beloved.

    I ask for the continued help of your Holy Spirit as I end this time of prayer to enter back into the business of my day.

    Help me to take the lessons I need from this prayer time today. Help me also to leave behind me anything that I do not need to take with me.

    Above all, help me to know that I stay connected to you at all times and that I only need to pause, breathe and pray to become deeply aware of this.