During these days of pilgrimage in the company of Ignatius and Mary Ward we have learned to experience ourselves as part of God’s loving creation.

We live in relationship with all that God has created for our good.

We are invited to fall in love with Jesus, to have him as our dearest friend and brother.

In the mirror of his loving gaze we see a reflection of ourselves as we truly are: sinners, yes, but loved and forgiven sinners.

We have heard Jesus invite us to walk with him, to share in his ministry of healing.

He invites us to proclaim the reign of God in our world in order to transform it.

We have watched him take the road to the Cross and have heard him affirm his love for us even while he suffers.

The Cross of Jesus leads only to glory and to the risen life in which each of us can share every day. It is this conviction that we are now invited to share with the world.