• Look back over the retreat

    Bring to Jesus all that has been good, and all that has been a struggle for you.
    • Looking back over the journey you have been on over the last few weeks is always a very important part of making a retreat like this. It is highly possible that you now see Jesus with fresh eyes or have encountered him in a new way.
    • You might recall the prompting questions from the introduction at the beginning of this retreat:

    What do you hope to gain from this retreat?

    How do you see Jesus?

    How would you express Jesus if someone asked you to?

    How would you address him?’

    • Has your picture of Jesus changed in some way during this retreat?
    • Perhaps there was a particular session that stood out to you…
    • By way of summary, we will hear again each antiphon with space and a prompting in between for you to recall the important moments you had with God for each session.

    O Wisdom …… ‘Jesus’ the one word that came from the mouth of God

    O Sacred Lord….the authority of God

    O Shoot of Jesse…a shoot that will become a flower bursting into life

    O Key of David …. The path and way to the Kingdom of Heaven

    O Radiant Dawn…. The light that comes into the darkness

    O King of all the Nations… the servant King

    O Emmanuel…God with us

    • In these last few moments, reflect on how God has spoken to you in this retreat. Bring to him all that has been good, and all that has been a struggle for you. You might like to talk to Jesus, addressing him using whichever antiphon has meant the most to you.
    • Bring all this to the Messiah; God with us. Maranatha…Come, Lord Jesus.
  • Feedback

    We are always glad to hear from people who have completed our Advent retreat'God With Us'. Please use the feedback form to send us a message.