Hymns to St Francis Xavier

The Novena hymn – O thou who hearkened

The words of the first hymn are based on a prayer written by Francis Xavier.
The English translation is old, and somewhat dated; however it is still
sung energetically in many churches where the Novena is traditional.


1. My God, I love thee,
not because I hope for Heav’n thereby;
Nor yet since they who love thee not,
must burn eternally.

E’en so I love thee, and will love,
And in thy praise will sing;
Solely because thou art my God and my eternal King.
Solely because thou
art my God and my eternal King.
Thou art my God and my eternal King.

2. Thou, O my Jesus,
thou dist me upon the Cross embrace;
For me didst bear the nails
and spear and manifold disgrace.

3. And griefs and torments
numberless and sweat of agony;
E’en death itself –
and all for me who was thine enemy.

Then why, O Blessed Jesus Christ
should I not love thee well?
For thou thyself has loved me,
o ever-loving Lord!


Hymn to St Francis Xavier

O thou who hearkened to the call
the words Ignatius once let fall:
"What doth it profit man’s desire?"
"Go thou! and set
the world on fire".

St Francis Xavier, hear my prayer,
Bestow thy blessings, everywhere;
Let but God’s holy will be done
and my own soul’s salvation won.
St Francis Xavier, hear my prayer,
St Francis Xavier hear my prayer.

O thou whose trust remained unshaken
in Jesus’ loving heart forsaken;
Now help me wash away with tears
the sinful record of past years.

O thou whom love did capture take, a
nd of thy heart a furnace make,
Inflame my soul with burning zeal;
May far off lands hear Christ’s appeal.