• Day 3: Francis and Ignatius gather a “group of friends” (1534-1536)

    Ignatius Loyola directed Francis and some others through his 'Spiritual Exercises' - 30 days of prayer and reflection on life and its purpose.

    After a period of reflection on the call of Christ to His disciples, and time spent in consideration of his own response to the love of God, Francis decided to join Ignatius and some others to form a “group of friends” who would offer themselves to God for service in the Catholic Church.

  • Reflection

    • What steps have I taken to deepen my knowledge and love of God?
    • Who are the people who help me live more deeply my Christian life?
    • In what way do I manifest signs of my love for God and for others?
  • Prayer

    O most kind and loving saint, in union with you I adore the Divine Majesty. The remembrance of the favours with which God blessed you during life, and of your glory after death, fills me with joy; and I unite with you in offering to God my humble tribute of thanksgiving and of praise.

    I implore of you to secure for me, through your powerful intercession and the all important blessing of living and dying in the state of grace. I also beseech you to obtain the favour I ask in this Novena:

    but if what I ask is not for the glory of God or for the good of my soul, obtain for me what is most conducive to both.