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For leaders of states, countries and communities

Lord, in times of national and international crises, we look to our elected leaders for guidance and protection. For many of them, the Covid-19 pandemic is like nothing they have ever seen or handled before. But if ever there was a time to lead, this is it.

Give the our leaders humility and wisdom to learn from each other. Bless them with the empathy they need to understand our fears, the foresight they need to mitigate the consequences of the actions they must take, and the strength of character to lead us out of this crisis.

Guide them as they work. Inspire them to speak with words that persuade us to do what must be done, words that encourage us to keep going, words that inspire us to make the best of the situation we are in. As we place our trust in You, Lord, make them worthy of the trust we must place in them.

Reading: Proverbs 4:7-15

The first principle of wisdom is: acquire wisdom; at the cost of all you have, acquire understanding!
Hold her close, and she will make you great; embrace her, and she will be your pride;
she will provide a graceful garland for your head, bestow a crown of honour on you.'
Listen, my child, take my words to heart, and the years of your life will be multiplied.
I have educated you in the ways of wisdom, I have guided you along the path of honesty.
When you walk, your going will be unhindered, if you run, you will not stumble.
Hold fast to discipline, never let her go, keep your eyes on her, she is your life.
Do not follow the path of the wicked, do not walk the way that the evil go.
Avoid it, do not take it, turn your back on it, pass it by.

As I put my trust in my elected leaders, Lord, grant that I, too, might lead the way by the words I use, the information I share, and the support I give to others.

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