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Today's Prayer with the Pope

August 2020
Daily offering: 

The Pope’s Intention
August 2020

We pray for all those who live and work from the sea, especially sailors, fishermen and their families.

With Jesus in the morning

Heavenly Father, I begin this day immersed in your loving and merciful gaze. Help me to offer you my works, joys and sufferings this day. May the Holy Spirit open my heart to the needs of others, especially the Pope’s monthly intention. Hail Mary…

With Jesus in the night

Dear God,
Thank you for having given me this day.
I call to mind the moments that I am grateful for now.
Though there were failings on my part today, I did my best.
Please forgive me the wrongs I committed today.
As I end this day, please hold in your loving arms all my family and friends.
I unite myself with the suffering of all who are ill or oppressed tonight.
Entrust them into your loving arms also.
If I am to have tomorrow, strengthen me so I can be a presence of your love,
joy and mercy in the world.

This month's intention: