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Today's Prayer with the Pope

January 2021
Daily offering: 

Pope’s Intention (evangelisation):

May the Lord give us the grace to live in full fellowship with our brothers and sisters of other religions, praying for one another, open to all.

A Daily Offering Prayer
Eternal Father, I offer you everything I do this day: my work, my prayers, my time with family and friends; my hours of relaxation; my difficulties and problems, which I shall try to bear with patience.
Join these, my gifts, to the unique offering which Jesus Christ, your Son, renews today in the Eucharist.
Grant, I pray, that, vivified by the Holy Spirit and united to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, my life this day may be of service to you and your children and help consecrate the world to you.

With Jesus in the Night
Dear God
As the light of day fades, may the ills and worries of the day fade also.
May I take time to reflect on my day with the gratitude of one who realises that life is a gift.
I ask you to be with and protect all those I love, all those I have fallen out with, all those I work with, all my friends and all whom I meet in the course of my days.
Be with me Lord this night as you were with me this day.

This month's intention: