Advent Retreat 2019/2020: New Beginnings

Welcome to this year’s Advent Retreat.  A time of retreat offers us many chances.  A chance to take a step back from the routine and concerns of our everyday lives.  A chance to prayerfully reflect on who and what is really important in our lives.  A chance to look with honesty at the relationships in our lives, with creation, and especially focus on our relationship with God.  A chance to ask the question “do these relationships need more nurturing?”  If so, here is the perfect opportunity spend some time in the presence of a loving God who is waiting to welcome you, nurture you, and draw you into deeper relationship.

One session of the Advent Retreat will be published here each week on Monday during the weeks of advent, beginning with an Introduction, and ending with a Conclusion during the week after Christmas. We hope that this retreat is an uplifting experience for you and look forward to your feedback at the end.