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Explain changes

December 2012 saw Sacred Space introduce customisation of the prayer. To access personalisation options click here and register for an account.

June 2012 saw Sacred Space develop a new design. This work is part of a reorganisation of the site to help it serve your prayer better. 

June 2011 saw Sacred Space move to a new server. This means that the entire site – including most of the language versions - are delivered by new systems.

Donating to Sacred Space using PayPal

1. Go to Support us page

2. Click on Make a contribution by PayPal

3. Insert the Amount of your donation (either once off or monthly)

4. Enter your Email address (PayPal will send you a receipt for this transaction)

5. Select your Country from the drop down list

6. Insert your Name and address (Optional)

7. Click Confirm amount when you have filled in the form

8. Click Continue if you wish to process the amount using PayPal secure site

9. Enter your PayPal password

10. Click Continue to confirm

11. Finally click Pay now to release the payment to Sacred Space

Tax relief on Sacred Space

Did you know that due to tax relief on donations, we can now make your generosity go further to help support Sacred Space? If you are from the Republic of Ireland and donate over €250 to Sacred Space in a tax year it is worth a great deal more than that to us. Donations of €250 (or €21 per month) and upwards allow us to benefit from tax relief which increases the value of your donation hugely. And there is no limit on how much you can give! Simply send us your name and address with your donation and we will send you a form to sign, which allows us to claim the tax back on the donation. Alternatively you can simply download the Irish Revenue form here and return to us with your donation. Self-employed individuals and companies who donate to Sacred Space can themselves avail of tax relief on their donation. If you are resident in the United Kingdom please contact us for more information.

Printing the prayer

To access the print version of our site from the home page, there are two options:

(I) Select the print icon beside the required date

(II) Once you begin the prayer, select the print icon on the right hand menu

Living Space

The Living Space section of the site is available here. This work was completed by Fr. Frank Doyle SJ who has since died, hence this content is no longer updated.



Each year we offer a short Advent and Lent Retreat. A link will be provided on the homepage. The latest retreat is available here


Two novenas are currently available

Mobile page

The new design is responsive and is accessible on handheld devices. 


Newsletters will be issued periodically. If you wish to subscribe click here.

What about music and other options?

Customisation of the prayer is possible with user registration. There is a music option which can be turned on or off. The background and fade speed of the pages can be changed and the font size of the text can be adjusted. To access personalisation options click here and register for an account. 

I want to ask a question

We will be glad to add more questions and answers here. Just use the contact details to let us know how we can help you.