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Today's Prayer with the Pope

April 2017
Daily offering: 

Merciful Father, you have brought us to the light of a new day, keep us safe from every sinful inclination. Grant me the grace to do what is pleasing in your sight through all my thoughts, words and deeds. I offer you this day for the intention of Pope Francis for this month.

This month's intention:

That young people may respond generously to their vocations and seriously consider offering themselves to God in the priesthood or consecrated life.

Young People

“Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.” -  St Catherine of Siena speaks of the power for good that is released when we discover our vocation – the God-given call for our lives.
Each of us have a unique contribution to make. Vocation is about discovering deep within ourselves who we are called to be. When we discover what gives us joy, what we are passionate about, we begin to discover where we are called to place our energies, our talents, and ultimately our lives. Vocation is much more than a choice of what we might do or how we might choose to live. It is a response to the call of God within us which affects every aspect of our lives.
The apostles encountered Christ and were moved to respond generously to His invitation in their ordinary lives. The Gospel reveals ordinary people responding in an extraordinary way when they are called by Jesus. Through our baptism we are each called to follow Christ. May we have the courage and generosity to respond wholeheartedly to His invitation in our lives, willing to follow wherever His call leads us. 

- Sr Lynne Baron FCJ, extracted from Living Prayer