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Today's Prayer with the Pope

November 2017
Daily offering: 

Father rich in love, I thank you today for all the good you do to me, and for all you do in me. Allow me to answer with love the good done to me as well as any offenses. I offer you my work today, in union with the intention of Pope Francis.

This month's intention:
For Evangelisation: 

That Christians in Asia, bearing witness to the Gospel in word and deed, may promote dialogue, peace, and mutual understanding, especially with those of other religions.

Christians in Asia

Asia’s population is larger than all the other continents put together. However, only a small minority is Christian. Most Asian societies have a deep religiosity and strong moral traditions. The Philippines with a Christian majority have become “ambassadors for Christ” in the world. Christians in Vietnam face political persecution yet vocations to the priesthood and religious life flourish there. Christians in China and North Korea face a more violent persecution by the political authorities. In India, Indonesia and Malaysia, Christians face tensions from either Hindu or Moslem extremists. By and large these Christians are able to witness to Christ’s compassion and justice in relative peace and harmony. However in Pakistan and Bangladesh, tensions are more severe and a peaceful religious co-existence is difficult. In Myanmar, the Rohingka Muslims face persecution at the hands of Buddhist extremists. In all these countries, the Christian communities witnessing to mutual love and respect, promote a society of peace and tolerance. 

- Fr Ashley Evans SJ, extracted from Living Prayer