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Today's Prayer with the Pope

December 2017
Daily offering: 

Gracious Father, I am grateful for how you are present in all things in everyday life. Help me to work with you to build a more united world. I offer you my day for the Church and the great challenges of humanity praying for the intention of the Holy Pope’s Worldwide Prayer Network.

This month's intention:

That the elderly, sustained by families and Christian communities, may apply their wisdom and experience to spreading the faith and forming the new generations.

The Elderly

Every year, the excitement builds, and anticipation of joy from old and young. No, it’s not opening presents at Christmas but our school on grandparents day. The loving influence of the grandparents on children can’t be underestimated. Grandparents are free from the immediate responsibility of parenting but hold a unique bond with grandchildren. Grandparents add depth and foundation to the experience of family.
When a grandparent was asked not to take the crying toddler out of the playpen by a parent, it caused that grandparent a major dilemma. So the Grandparent not wanting to go against the parent agreed and instead he got into the playpen with the toddler. This grandparent’s action like many others brings wisdom to what is really important in fostering the next generation. 
Other people’s life experience allows belief and faith to be shared in the most natural manner. Going to Mass for young children with Granddad or Nan is part of sharing life. Through grandparents our children learn and retain prayers through routine and loving relationships.

- Ronan Barry, extracted from Living Prayer