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Today's Prayer with the Pope

February 2017
Daily offering: 

Father, as a new day dawns, make us true to your teaching and keep us free from error and sin this day. Grant me the grace to walk in your light and see your light in all I meet. I offer this day for the intention of Pope Francis for this month.

This month's intention:

That all those who are afflicted, especially the poor, refugees and the marginalised, may find welcome and comfort in our communities.

Welcome the needy

Pope Francis has consistently drawn our attention to the plight of refugees. In gestures of solidarity with those who are forced to move by war, violence and extreme poverty, he has gone to meet them, in Lampedusa, in Greece, in East Africa, and even taken refugees with him from camps back to the Vatican. He has called on the world to shake off the globalisation of indifference and recognise in the refugee our brother and sister. ‘We should not be caught up with their legal status but recognise them as persons of value, able to make a contribution. To welcome them, is to welcome God in person’. We pray with the Pope for a conversion of hearts and minds towards those in need of protection. We pray that political leaders may make laws and policies that promote hospitality rather than hostility. That communities may respond with generosity, with offers of practical help and friendship. We ask to be open to all that refugees have to teach us and we look forward with hope with them, confident that God is very close to the poor and the needy. 

- Sarah Teather, extracted from Living Prayer