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Ignatius’s Mission

Inigo became convinced that experiencing God in a direct and immediate way was not a special favor reserved for a few select mystics. If God was willing to speak directly to a sinner like him, God would speak to anyone—anyone, at least, who was willing to take the time to be still, listen and pray. If people were willing to spend an extended period of time in solitude and prayer, daydreaming about Jesus the way he had at Loyola and Manresa, then he, Inigo, could help them experience God and learn God’s will for them. This, he became convinced, was his mission from God: to help people experience God’s presence and learn God’s will by directing them in making the Spiritual Exercises.

- Ronald Modras, Ignatian Humanism

Ignatius’s outlook was tremendously optimistic. God will speak to anyone—no matter how wounded or broken or sinful. All of us have the ability to hear God and share the work God is doing in the world.

Where do you need the confidence and optimism that Ignatius had? Ask God for it.

- Excerpted from An Ignatian Book of Days by Jim Manney