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Something to think and pray about this week

I’ll admit that I tend to be a bit cavalier about things like very old ages, 50th wedding anniversaries, or new babies. It’s not that I don’t care, but I just don’t get caught up in the ooh-ing and ahh-ing. These events are just part of life, right? Babies are born every day. People live long enough to celebrate 50th anniversaries and 90-something birthdays. What I’ve come to realize is that those moments I’ve so easily dismissed are the miracles of everyday life!

Yes, birth and aging are as ordinary as can be, but God shows up in the ordinary. We ought to celebrate the awesome ability for a human being to have lived and experienced a century! We ought to praise God for the miracle of forming an amazingly and extremely complex conscious organism in just nine months’ time! Despite the fact that these things happen all the time they still carry a miraculous character that captivates us - or should.

By Andy Otto on dotMagis, the blog of